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Oranges! Bright in colour and spattered with a pleasant citrusy scent. No wonder why the

The Fragrant Bloom: Different Kinds of Jasmine Flowers, Their Uses and Meaning

Jasmine, with the taxonomy name of Jasminum, is a genus of around 200 species of

12 Types of Jasmine Flowers That You Must Know

Jasmine flowers include flowers that grow from shrubs or shrubs. Even so, the resulting flower

11 Benefits Of Guava For The Health Of Our Body

Guava (Psidium guajava) or often also called guava stone, is a tropical plant originating from

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Durian? Who doesn’t know about durian? Of course, the majority of people already know this

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Bonsai is a Japanese term translated as “planted in a container” or “tray cultivation”. The

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Since ancient times, flowers have been widely used for gifts or to decorate our house’s

8 Facts You Should Know About the Everlasting Love Flower, Baby’s Breath

Since the early 1990s, Baby’s Breath has always been the florist’s most-loved filler flowers for

Lotus, A Lovely Flower On The Water

Seroja flower, also known as Lotus flower, is an annual water plant in the genus

Tulip, Its Meaning and Identity

The tulip flower, also known as the Latin Tulipa, is a plant in the Liliacea